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Life’s a beetch :-) February 22, 2010

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Here’s the thing about weight loss, when life gets in the way, I lose track and falter. I know this…hell, half the time I can see it happening, I just get soooo busy that I don’t care and figure I can get away with it.

I’ve been offered a marcom manager position with a kick-ass place here in Houston. I plan on taking it, it’s just that it’s taking FOREVER to get the offer letter to me. I refuse to give official notice until I get that letter. It’s making me panic slightly, because my current place is doing all sorts of planning and I know that when I leave they are going to freak. I know it’s the right move for me professionally, but I feel SOOOO bad for leaving this place at at time when they are soooo excited about the work that I do. Funny how that seems to always be the case. Just when you make the firm decision to leave a place, they realize they love you.  I’ve been stressed over the uncertainty, I HATE keeping it a secret from people I consider my friends, but I know it’s best to wait until everything is in writing.

So this stress has detracted from my weight-loss goals for about a week. I haven’t lost any weight this week, but I do have a good little food plan. Obviously tracking everything via Weight Watchers online, but I’ve also gone online to get some good recipes for food that I want to eat.  I’ve got to find alternative options to my favorite foods. For instance, tonight I’m going to attempt a recipe for 2 pt Scones, will post pics if they turn out good :-)

I’ve also bought a kettlebell workout kit. I’m starting that tonight. Wish me luck.

WW Week 2 February 4, 2010

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Once again we see a loss of .8 pounds. It also bring my WW weight loss down to 5.6 pounds, so I got a 5 lb star.  I’m good with it, even though it wasn’t anything massive, but it was TOM and I was not feeling so hot. In fact, I haven’t been feeling so hot this week at all and can’t figure if it’s still TOM or if I’m coming down with something.

This week has been filled with drama – personal, family, and work drama – and that is just a drain. I’m not ready to talk about it just yet, but hope to have some of it resolved by next week :-)

The First WW Weigh In January 27, 2010

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-4.6 lbs!!!

I was obviously nervous about getting on that scale – I have followed the plan and stayed within my points, but was nervous because I had taken a road trip with friends this weekend, so a lot of food was take-out, I was terrified I might have miscalculated. I hopped up on the scale and the lady was laughing saying I was brave for weighing in with my jacket on.  I was wearing my Crimson Tide Championship shirt – that’s dangerous for a girl living in Texas :-p do you know I got heckled grocery shopping the day of the game because I was wearing a Roll Tide shirt?! Anywho, jacket stayed on.

I’m happy to say I’m halfway to my first 5% and hope I can get that next week, if not I understand, but it would be nice.

By losing the 4.6 pounds I also lost a point, so I’m now allowed 22 daily WW points. I don’t have any road trips this week, so I think I’ll be fine AND I bought their Dining Out Companion, which I’m keeping in my car for any emergency dining out situations. There was an unfortunate Whataburger Taquito incident, lol, I didn’t realize that bad boy was 10 points!! AUGH!! Almost half my allowance gone by 8 am!!

I ‘ve got some other non-ww news. One thing I can’t share right now, but if it works out, I’ll basically accomplish a life-goal that I set out for myself a LONG time ago.

The other news has to do with dating. I joined eHarm about a month ago. It’s a great system, I’ve met some very nice gentlemen, but I think I’ve somehow become slightly old-fashioned. Which is hilarious, cause I don’t think anyone would describe me that way. I don’t know, am I wrong that I want to actually get to know someone before jumping into the whole “I’m his gf/He’s my bf”, it just doesn’t make sense to me. Just cause I go on ONE date with you, doesn’t mean I’m only yours. It’s odd to me.

Slapped in the face January 20, 2010

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So, I thought I had been easing my way into the healthy eating zone for the past few weeks. Then I stepped on the scale last Thursday. 179.3….um…WHAT?! People, I have not weighed that much since 2004!! I got scared and did what any normal twenty-something single girl does….I called my mother.

Now, my mom is never one to hold back the truth. So I tell her what the scale says, after she gasps she says “But you don’t look that  big! I’d tell you if you were!” This is the woman who will point blank tell my father he is fat when he complains about body pain…so I feel slightly better, but that doesn’t address the issue at hand. I decide I need a real plan, and I know that when I’m accountable to someone, I lose weight. Back when I lost my 50 pounds (went from 192 to 148) on South Beach, I was accountable to my live-in boyfriend at the time. He was never an ass about it, but he definitely knew not to bring home McD’s and would politely ask ‘do you really want that’ when I might think about cheating. With the nutritionist I had to see her once a week – she was able to get me 15 pounds down before I just couldn’t afford to see her every week ($50 office visit PLUS food supplements/week).

So, the plans I started researching was Jenny Craig – the $20/20 lbs plan seemed like it might be doable….but then I started researching on the internet. Can’t say that very many people had success on that plan. The ‘regular’ plan runs $400 for a year PLUS the cost of food. I’m still not a fan of having to eat pre-packaged food…how does that teach me to eat correctly?! While reading the reviews – even the ones on the official Jenny Craig message boards – I notice a lot of people saying that Weight Watchers would be the better option for eating ‘real food’ (what’s up with putting real food in parentheses like it’s a false statement or something?!).

I joined WW – not just the online version that I’d sometime dabble in, I elected to go with Monthly Pass – rearranged my schedule and made it to a meeting last night. When I stepped on the scale, my official WW weight was 182.2 *GASP* I totally wanted to cry for a hot minute. But I took a deep breath and walked into the meeting room.

My leader is flipping sweet and awesome! I swear, this is the first time I’ve been to a meeting where I was excited about all of it. She works full time for WW and leads something like 10 meetings a week – she knows her stuff. My group is awesome – about half women in the 55+ crowd, the other half around my age, and 1 super sweet man. I stayed for the ‘Getting Started’ newbie session and think I have a handle on all of it. I liked that my meeting leader told me just to start small, and work my way into the full program. That made me feel so much better about this whole thing.

I have 23 points a week, plus the 35 weekly and whatever exercise points I accrue. Right now, I don’t plan on using my exercise points, for the simple fact that I’m starting really light on exercise. I did buy some of the Skechers Shape-Ups and won’t lie, those bad boys definitely make me feel like something’s being exercised on my body! My calves are totally sore!

Food (will be updated through the day):

B: 1 cup oatmeal, 2 tbs pecans, 1 tbs brown sugar = 5.5
S: NF Iced SF Vanilla Latte = 2
L: 1/2 c Saag Panneer, 1/2 piece of Naan, 1/4 c Korma (not a fan!), 1/4 c Rice Pudding = 9.5

The new plan January 5, 2010

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Is simple calorie counting. Glamorous, I know :-p

I will be using my always reliable Calorieking.com. I’m setting my calories at 1400 for now, CK is recommending 1350, which I will work towards but having that extra 50 calories makes me feel a little better…..I know, I know, it’s all in my head, but it is what it is.

I switched off of the protein drinks to Special K cereal with low-fat milk for breakfast. My mid-morning snack this week is a slice of papaya and a granola bar, or a non-fat latte, depending on my mood. I’m giving myself some leeway with lunches, today it’s a Healthy Choice fresh mixer and some tomato slices. Since I’m at work, it’s easier to have microwaveable options.  The period between lunch and dinner is going to be my hardest time, that is when I generally get the most hungry. I have a stash of canned fruit, sunflower seeds, and granola bars in my desk if needed. A little to high carb, but until I get back in the groove, it’ll have to do. I have salad fixings at home for dinner.

It’s flipping cold in Houston this winter, so outdoor exercise is not about to happen. I get too grumpy in the cold, lol. BUT I have my EA Sports Active for the Wii AND I have a lot of my old DVD’s – so I will do at least 30 minutes a day.  My friend M. is doing something similar, so we are calling each other when we start our DVD’s and check in AFTER the workouts :-)

In other news, my go at online dating has just been interesting. A lot of nice guys, but no spark with anyone yet.

Still here December 29, 2009

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Starting small.

Now that the holidays are over (my extended fam isn’t big on New Years) I can really get back on track. Yesterday was the first night I really had a chance to cook my own dinner. I ended up baking some fish and making a delicious sandwich using the Orowheat sandwich thins. Love those things.

This morning I had a meal replacement shake (leftover from when I was on the $$$ nutritionist plan). I have issues with breakfast, drinking it is the best option for me right now. I have enough of those shakes for about a week, I’ll be looking into other options this week.

I had to tell my coworker Mindy I can’t make our morning Coke runs. New rule(technically old skinnier Paige rule) is that I have to drink 32-oz of water before I can drink a Coke. She’s agreed to the rule, but was admittedly grumpy that I put it in place. I’m just about to finish my water, so that’s good.

I’ve got to pull out the cookbooks again to get some more of my make-ahead lunches. And I dusted off all my fun  bento boxes and lunch containers. For some reason if my lunches are pretty I’m more likely to actually eat them :-p

Let’s recap, shall we?? December 17, 2009

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In the 6-ish months since last writing on here……wow…..

  • reconnected with an old flame from HS
  • switched from an apartment to a kick ass townhome
  • reconnected with old friends who are now some of my closest peeps
  • gained about 10 pounds (at 175)
  • been diagnosed with high blood pressure
  • tried online dating
  • Met every member of NKOTB
  • had fun :-)

So…..yeah….I’ve been busy. I’m eternally grateful to above mentioned old flame, he totally reminded me how awesome I am regardless of my weight. We are currently in this amusingly odd cat and mouse game. We enjoy each others company at times, and can turn around and not speak for weeks at a time.

But given last weeks doc appointment and concerns over high blood pressure….it’s time for me to be focused again. Stop worrying about what I don’t have and change the things that I know I can change. So, back to eating well and exercising. Joined 24 Hour Fitness around the corner from my new place. Making my grocery list as we speak. The holidays have thankfully been pretty relaxed and chilled, so I’ve kept overeating to a minimum.

So, I’m back…I’m starting slow, with a goal of 150. That’s roughly 25 pounds….I’d like to accomplish this in 6 months….let’s see what we can do.

Hello out there December 3, 2009

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Give me time, slowly making my way back to online blogging.

A 12:30 pm call May 27, 2009

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Last week, I had the pleasure of leading a online chat with one of our physicians during lunch time. I had my salad waiting for me back at my desk, but the physician was on a tight schedule (to be expected, he is, after all a doctor) and asked if I minded if he ate his lunch while answering the online questions.  Of course, I said ‘no problem’.

He pulls out two Diet Pepsi’s, three snack-size ziploc bags with various sliced veggies, and two shake packets. Obviously, I sit up a little straighter and watch what he does. As he’s mixing his shake packets with water – I say “I don’t mean to be nosy – but what plan is that?”. He smiles (thankfully) and says it’s one that my work runs (remember, I work at the Medical Center) and gives me the dietitian’s name. I was a little shocked, cause the last time I looked up a dietitian that was affiliated with us there wasn’t one. He then sweetly grabs a coffee cup and pours a little bit out for me to try.Gotta be honest, it was yummy. Apparently, it’s a high protein style program.

So, this morning I emailed the dietitian about the program and she and I are scheduled to talk at 12:30 today. I have to appreciate that since I work here, she was fine with me calling as opposed to scheduling an actual appointment. Will let you know what is said. My only concern is that I’m not overweight enough -I know some medically-sponsored weight loss plans, you have to be significantly overweight. Will let you know how it goes.

Need to take up Yoga May 14, 2009

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I’ve been doing really well this week ‘eating clean’ – I’m not concentrating on calorie count – but am trying to eat as many natural foods as possible. Trying to listen to my body….which apparently wanted a whole head of broccoli last night, lol. Seriously, I steamed the whole head, then added a ‘dressing’ that is used in mexican cooking. The dressing was 2 tbs of Mayo, 1 Tsp of Parmesan, and 2 Tsp of chili powder. I guess it was like a warm broccoli salad, ’twas delicious.

Yesterday’s food was:
Berries, Granola & Yogurt
Jimmy Johns Turkey Sandwich and potato chips
4 Medjool Dates
“Broccoli Salad”

There has been major coworker drama for me. The curandero/spiritual side of me VERY much believes that this anger she has apparently built up for me is the negative energy I’ve been feeling.

A few weeks back, we had a random convo over Jon & Kate  – I was willing to give the benefit of the doubt to him, because I don’t know him personally AND I’ve been out with married guy friends without their wives around (THOUGH THE WIVES KNEW ABOUT IT). After I said that, the coworker went off on me, calling me naive and saying I didn’t understand what it was like to be in a real relationship because of my age (um..I’m 27, WTF?), and that was a problem with my generation (she’s in her 50’s). I walked away from that convo because she got so heated over it. I didn’t want to tell her she had no IDEA what my experiences were (HELLO, WAS IN A COMMITTED RELATIONSHIP for 9 YEARS BEFORE WORKING HERE!!). I assume she had bad experience so I just ended the convo, cause I was at work, ya know?

This week an item didn’t make it to my calendar and she took offense to me for saying I didn’t know about the meeting. For the record, it wasn’t in my inbox, nor in my deleted items (I’ve checked). So she sent me an email that seemed very inappropriate and included a paragraph on me being disrespectful to her about the Jon & Kate convo! It was so bizarre, that I forwarded it to my boss. This person is not a superior, simply a co-worker.  She has a pattern of targeting people and accusing them of random travesties, and I don’t have time to deal with her issues.  Am I wrong to think that the Jon & Kate convo has nothing to do with WORK therefore should not be held as a sign I don’t respect her as a coworker? WTF?

So, now I’m posting all sorts of ‘positivity’ quotes on my bulletin board to try to repel some of the negativity – my best one so far came from one of the girls on Twitter:

“I do not need people who use my positive energy. I need people who contribute to positivity”



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